eBlasts & Newsletters

You may have an eye-catching design template for emailing or mailing clients, but do you have engaging content? In an oversaturated market, finding the perfect words to engross and influence customers can be challenging. Allow our professional writer to craft compelling copy to create a rapport between you and your customers, while also creating brand impact and recognition whether in print or digital.

Social Media Marketing

Engaging with like-minded professionals and conversing with customers online keeps a company accessible and present; however, navigating the numerous social networks can be challenging. Not sure which services are perfect for connecting and communicating in your market? Ask us! Whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, we can help you generate compelling posts and consult on creating and curating content for your brand. Call, tweet, or private message us on Facebook or Instagram today!

Print & Online Advertising

Whether it’s through implementing a banner advertisement, purchasing ad space in a magazine or newspaper, enlisting Google AdWords, or sponsoring posts on social media, advertising is a necessity in today’s evolving market.

The team at Design & Word can help you easily navigate the world of print and online advertising. From purchasing ad space to designing the layout, writing copy, and communicating with sales reps, we can implement a tailor-made program that makes advertising stress-free and effective. Call us today for more information!