Can’t find the right words to explain your product or service? Then leave it to Rebecca. A published writer with 15+ years of experience, she can write clear, concise, and engaging copy for all your advertising and marketing needs.

Her experience includes a wide range of projects, including tailored content for websites, blog articles, transactional emails, social media campaigns, and UX (user experience) writing.

Press Releases

Ready to announce an exciting new product, upcoming event or business venture? Publicize it with a press release! Properly structured with compelling copy and attention grabbing detail, Design & Word’s professional scribe can produce a press release that will help you reach your audience and create buzz. Get the word out today- call us for more information!


Is your website or company brochure lacking proper grammar or context? Full editing services are available to help you streamline your current content for improper grammar, punctuation, and readability. From brochures to manuscripts, our writer can assist you in generating clear, concise copy, or content for any project.

Content for Web & Print

Professionally published in print and news media, Rebecca has a diverse background in freelance writing. Astute and detailed, she can create engaging narratives and in-depth pieces on a variety of subjects for your website, blog, or publication.

Our Body of Work

Our work speaks for itself! Peruse some of our most recent writing projects below, or view our full portfolio.